The Staying

In my try of not losing myself,
I finally found me here, in the same place.
I’m here. I never left.
I’ve dressed you with pretty colors from far away.

I’ll whisper songs in your left ear and
I’m going to take pictures of random things and I’ll choose nice filter.
I want to reinvent myself beside you.
An you my dear friend…
..You will be happy again.

Note: Written while listening Boom Clap (Charli XCX)

Coffee at the distance

They were on the top of the Main Tower in Frankfurt, looking the beautiful sky, merging with a river and buildings in that amazing landscape. He was next to her sharing the same view, then she pointed the downtown, a little street full of people, when she said: “Do you see that street with a tiny restaurants, well I want you take me there for a cup of coffee and I want to know everything about you.”

(They didn’t know but at this moment they were on their way to falling in love)

the dreamers.

I miss my friends… the dreamers ones… laughing and crying together sharing this bittersweet life, where everything and anything were possible, where there was no day or night, there was just life at its maximum expression. I have you all in my heart, wherever I go my dear dreamers, sharing life, sharing friendship, sharing dreams at the distance.

Surreal mind in blank

Bring me your mind in blank…I will colorful with stories you have never imagined.
Let me enter and write on it, I want to tell everything about you an me.
You are going to know yourself better… through me.
this is another life. (ours)…don’t be afraid..
the fears and doubts are fading away..
I’m stronger in my surreal life…
Where everything is possible… even you.

Tea in twelve minutes.


00:01 – I would simply hug you so tight during the first minute.
00:02 – I would search and find a new nickname for us.
00:03 – I would make you laugh with stomach tickles.
00:04 – I would touch your face with my hands with my eyes closed.
00:05 – I would kiss you slowly beginning with your eyes, cheeks and lips.
00:06 – I would confess you one of my deepest secret in your left ear.
00:07 – I would sing for you the best part of a very romantic song in spanish.
00:08 – I would make you dance with me the song that I’m singing to you.
00:09 – I would let you know how much you mean to me.
00:10 – I would practice the art of seduce you by looking into your eyes.
00:11 – I would tell you how many times I think of you during my day.
00:12 – I would write to you a love letter and named it “Tea in twelve minutes”

With Love,
Mrs. T.

Like Mirrors

There he goes again, sitting in a coffee shop again, but this time is not you,
this time is the other version of you. The one who put a special flavor to your life.

I decide what you drink, You decide what I drink,
at the middle of the cup, we mix our drinks, we ended drinking the same.
We taste the same in a different perspective.

This is the conversation with you, we are like mirrors… you look through my eyes,
I look through your eyes… in a never ending looking through them.
There is not romanticism, nor friendship… this is more personal. This is you.

You don’t even try to lie to the mirror (is pointless, you wouldn’t lie to yourself).
You are not worry about anything …fearless.
You are safe here…in your reflection.

Perfect version of you.

Taking choices that changes your life every minute,
I know, you are afraid and you are not sure what you are doing,
but you can’t stop doing.

Lot of thoughts in your mind, you can’t decide which ones making you  happy,
and which ones making you sad. (You are not dwelling there anymore.)

Celebrating the independence of your heart, make a party, invite people
to visit your mind.. get drunk with your own thoughts..
but never let anybody know that you passed out of  much over thinking,
throwing up your own feelings.

Never ever regret about what you did… (If you ever regret of something,
make sure that you regret of something you didn’t do on time)…and learn for the next time.

Grab the world…(it’s yours)…scream a loud
…Make mistakes.. (enjoyed the sweetest ones)…

Kiss!…Kiss a lot!… Hug!.. Hug like you mean it!

Undress your feet and go run into a field…
feel the ground you are standing on, realize about the gravity… and release yourself.

Take a deep breath once in a while, (Can you feel it?)… this is the real version of you: Alive.

You are here, and you my dear are perfect.

A story of you

There are good stories that need to be written down by someone… but there are another kind of stories (the best ones) that are written by themselves.

One year ago, I wrote about you. In spite the fact that I did not know you yet.

I recognized you (below the last full moon), with a kiss, and with the sweetest look. Between our laugh and a cup of coffee. I spent my favorite day of my entire life. (holding your hand).

There is no doubt, when you know something that it worth it, and you my darling… You are my favorite story every single day.

Quiromancia alterna

Leer las líneas de las manos,
creer en la magia de la superstición,
escuchar historias de hombres que pisan la luna,
que dejan huella en el espacio (sin saber si fue real o no.)

La disciplina del autocontrol nos a llevado a este punto.
a dejar estos sueños solo entre las líneas de algún cuaderno,
junto con todas las demás preguntas que jamás haremos.

Imaginar una vida donde ninguno de los dos existimos,
y paralela está una vida teniéndonos el uno al otro al alrededor
Jugar con las lineas de la vida, caprichosas y vanas.
Ver el futuro abrazados, y al mismo tiempo imaginarnos felices a lo lejos.
Desearemos habernos dicho todo, desearemos no haber dicho nunca nada.

Espacio y luz, del nuevo día juntos, y en otro recuadro,
una vida alterna felices de ver el ocaso con personas diferentes.

Seremos el motivo de una discusión en el día a día, (adoro la reconciliación)
y simultáneamente seremos el recuerdo mas tierno y puro que pudimos elaborar.

Haremos que la aleatoriedad de esta vida funcione a nuestro favor,
engañaremos al destino, haciendole creer que ese (aquel) era nuestro camino.