El Amor en Español

Si, es verdad que en mi intento por “sentir más en Inglés” habrán encontrado muchas publicaciones en éste blog en Inglés, (ya sea por practicar el sentimiento en un idioma extranjero, o por llegar a aquellas personas en un idioma compartido), sabrán que habemos personas que cuando nos enamoramos hacemos todo lo posible por demostrar (murmurar) ese amor de manera indirecta (o mas bien directamente), de cualquier manera debo confesar que no es lo mismo.

Desde hace un buen tiempo ya que no he pronunciado las palabras “Te Amo” a alguna persona, y no precisamente por no haber sentido amor en todo este tiempo, sino que en realidad es que las últimas relaciones que he tenido digamos que han sido en otros idiomas.

Cuando era pequeña (y por ser parte de una generación de maestros, escritores y poetas) me inculcaron el amor al idioma Español y sus perfectas definiciones aplicadas correctamente.

Decir un “Te Amo” en el transcurso de los últimos años para mi se ha convertido como si fuera una cajita con las cosas mas preciadas que uno guarda al fondo de un cajón.

Sé que para algunas personas, como para mi, es fácil el externar un sentimiento en algún otro idioma, (ya que el significado intrínseco de la palabra lo hemos aprendido por medio de una clase en el colegio y no precisamente de manera empírica) el Inglés por ejemplo, un simple “I Love You” puede ser expresado también como una expresión de cariño hacia algún gran amigo muy cercano al que quieres mucho (sin que se refiera a un amor de pareja).

Un “Te Amo” para aquellos que hablamos español es la máxima expresión de ese sentimiento supremo que toma por completo todo nuestro ser. (Aún así creo que me he quedado corta al querer expresar un sentimiento que nos desbarata y nos vuelve a armar sin sentido alguno).

Si, todo aquel que ha amado en Español sabrá de lo que estoy hablando.

Confieso que me da cierta nostalgia no haber dicho “Te Amo” en mucho tiempo, (hay veces que quisiera decirlo una vez mas y volver sentir amor en un mismo Idioma); y es que no sólo me refiero a pronunciarlas, sino a que el interlocutor comprenda con la misma intensidad y claridad el significado que ambos aprendimos de manera empírica.

Siempre voy a preferir el Amor en Español, aunque por ahora sea solo a través de un escrito.

Happiness in the messy era of confusion.

– Y tú, ¿Eres felíz mi Corazón?

– I’m doing my best to be.

Lately I understood that you need to live your live by your own. I mean knowing your weakness and strengths. I took hard decisions and realize that time does not stop for anyone.  I had to learn how to let people go from life and how to let people come into my life.

I’ve been missing so much time in situations that I created in my head. I’ve lived in a fantasy, but life hits hard with the reality sooner or later and then is the time when you are lost, when you realize that everyone had made a life but you.
When you start again (one more time) but you are broken. I mean I am broken and I have been broken since years ago. Time erase smiles and every day is harder to find myself in a mirror. I don’t recognize me anymore (sometimes).

Then is when I try harder to smile and find that is still a chance to get a better way to live my day. I succeed, despite everything, I find joy in my place.

Thank God I woke up alive today. A chance to find again my way.

The Staying

In my try of not losing myself,
I finally found me here, in the same place.
I’m here. I never left.
I’ve dressed you with pretty colors from far away.

I’ll whisper songs in your left ear and
I’m going to take pictures of random things and I’ll choose nice filter.
I want to reinvent myself beside you.
An you my dear friend…
..You will be happy again.

Note: Written while listening Boom Clap (Charli XCX)

Coffee at the distance

They were on the top of the Main Tower in Frankfurt, looking the beautiful sky, merging with a river and buildings in that amazing landscape. He was next to her sharing the same view, then she pointed the downtown, a little street full of people, when she said: “Do you see that street with a tiny restaurants, well I want you take me there for a cup of coffee and I want to know everything about you.”

(They didn’t know but at this moment they were on their way to falling in love)

the dreamers.

I miss my friends… the dreamers ones… laughing and crying together sharing this bittersweet life, where everything and anything were possible, where there was no day or night, there was just life at its maximum expression. I have you all in my heart, wherever I go my dear dreamers, sharing life, sharing friendship, sharing dreams at the distance.

Surreal mind in blank

Bring me your mind in blank…I will colorful with stories you have never imagined.
Let me enter and write on it, I want to tell everything about you an me.
You are going to know yourself better… through me.
this is another life. (ours)…don’t be afraid..
the fears and doubts are fading away..
I’m stronger in my surreal life…
Where everything is possible… even you.

Tea in twelve minutes.


00:01 – I would simply hug you so tight during the first minute.
00:02 – I would search and find a new nickname for us.
00:03 – I would make you laugh with stomach tickles.
00:04 – I would touch your face with my hands with my eyes closed.
00:05 – I would kiss you slowly beginning with your eyes, cheeks and lips.
00:06 – I would confess you one of my deepest secret in your left ear.
00:07 – I would sing for you the best part of a very romantic song in spanish.
00:08 – I would make you dance with me the song that I’m singing to you.
00:09 – I would let you know how much you mean to me.
00:10 – I would practice the art of seduce you by looking into your eyes.
00:11 – I would tell you how many times I think of you during my day.
00:12 – I would write to you a love letter and named it “Tea in twelve minutes”

With Love,
Mrs. T.

Like Mirrors

There he goes again, sitting in a coffee shop again, but this time is not you,
this time is the other version of you. The one who put a special flavor to your life.

I decide what you drink, You decide what I drink,
at the middle of the cup, we mix our drinks, we ended drinking the same.
We taste the same in a different perspective.

This is the conversation with you, we are like mirrors… you look through my eyes,
I look through your eyes… in a never ending looking through them.
There is not romanticism, nor friendship… this is more personal. This is you.

You don’t even try to lie to the mirror (is pointless, you wouldn’t lie to yourself).
You are not worry about anything …fearless.
You are safe here…in your reflection.